Metal Cladding

Once you have a Portal Frame we can manufacture and supply modular metal cladding in any shape or size to suit your project.

Creative building design often requires a softness of line and detail of feature that can't always be achieved with traditional profiled sheeting and flashing design. To meet this requirement Whale Engineering are able to offer many options tailored to your specification.

All products are available in a number of materials; including Copper; Zinc; Stainless Steel and Aluminium.

As each market sector use cladding to their own specific requirements, the following examples are show what we can produce:

Residential / Small businesses

Garages; Farm Sheds, workshops; aviaries; outside kennels;

Commercial Sector

Storage shed; sectional building; smoking booth/bothy; bicyle store; storage shed; machine store; fencing; roofing;

Agricultural / Smallholdings

Livestock Building; Cattle Stalls; Poultry House; Stables; Portable Building.